Certified Organic – Keeping it Clean + Natural

“Food is the most healing when it is close to its original state”

I am passionate to get people eating natural, whole foods and I’ve designed my own functional food range . featuring products that offer the purest, source of nutrients you can get in a supplement.
My Healthy Chef functional food range is different to other products on the market. It is made entirely from pure whole foods – just like nature intended, meaning they are more easily digested, absorbed and more potent. Fresh fruits and vegetables, super foods and herbs that will heal and nourish your body. We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality and purest whole-food products in the world to support optimum health and wellbeing.

“We start with the highest quality raw ingredients – no byproducts, just pure wholefoods. All of our products are cold processed to preserve protein structure, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Purity is key – our products are free from chemicals, preservatives, fillers, artificial sweeteners, gums, sugar, vegetable oils, GMO and soy”.

The use of organic and natural whole-foods is at the heart of our philosophy at the Healthy Chef. We pride ourselves on developing high quality products and recipes that will inspire a deeper commitment to healthy living.

We have been utilizing premium organic ingredients since we developed our Purely Delicious functional foods range and organic certification is an important step to formalise our commitment to quality, and the production of natural, honest and pure food.

We need to care for our bodies; but of equal importance, we need to consider our external environment. Foods produced using chemicals or genetic modification deplete our bodies and our environment of health and vitality. Organic food is not just chemical-free. Organic farmers take a holistic approach to food production and handling, and the whole system is linked:

Soil – Plants – Animals – Food – People – Environment – Health.

This means that our foods and processing facility have been tested to the highest standards to achieve ACO certification.

“We use organic and natural wholefoods and pride ourselves on developing quality that will inspire a deeper commitment to healthy living. A change in diet can bring about a change in health.”
Teresa Cutter

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