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Gut Health Pack

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A healthy digestive system leads to a healthier and happier body and mind. By giving your digestive tract the right support it needs, you’re better able to break down and absorb the nutrients from your food, have more energy and support your immune system in fighting disease.

The Healthy Chef Digestive Health Pack is everything you need to boost the health of your gut for optimal health and wellbeing.


Perfect Digestive Health Cookbook

This book shares the most important facts on how to achieve perfect digestive health.

It will show you how to make positive diet and lifestyle changes, and also includes a 14-day digestive health eating plan with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to get you started on your journey.

This wonderful book also includes the best foods and naturals supplements to help support optimal digestion, how to stock your kitchen as well as your very own personalised food and symptom diary.

It is sure to become a favourite with even the most experienced aficionados of healthy living.

"The inspiration for this book stems from my own personal life long journey and the hundreds of emails I receive from people on their quest for better digestive health. Enjoy your journey of healthy eating with balance, wisdom and moderation."

Teresa Cutter


Organic Pea Protein (420g)

The perfect plant-based protein to support optimum health + wellbeing. Certified Organic - Sugar-Free - No Bloating - Lactose-free – Entirely Raw + Soy Free. Perfect for the whole family. Ideal for improving radiant skin and supporting digestive health, a strong immune system, sports performance + sustained weight loss. The perfect addition to your smoothies and help your body nourish and refuel.


Organic Cold Press Wheatgrass (200g)

Cold-Pressed Organic Wheatgrass helps boost metabolism and has an incredible protective effect on the skin helping nourish a dewy complexion. Wheatgrass works as a natural anti-inflammatory in the body and is a key nutrient in supporting digestive health and detoxification in the body.

"Healthy Chef products are created without compromise. We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality + purest functional foods in the world to support optimum health + wellbeing."
Teresa Cutter